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About American Auction

We are market makers. After all, a great auction house finds the supply of auction goods and property to sell and creates a demand in the market to buy. We are experts at putting sellers and buyers together to create the world’s greatest auction experience.

We are innovators. We have created the proprietary Open Market System, an online auction sales and management portal that allows buyers access to auctions around the world and provides sellers with transparency and real-time tracking of their auction property.

We are always adapting. We first opened our auction house in Phoenix in 1995, and in 2015 we made a radical decision to change our company name. Formerly known as Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, our customers have inspired us to become the new, American Auction Company. You see, during the past decade our auction success has led us into several European and Asian markets where we were dubbed “the American auction company.” The name stuck, prompting us to make a formal name change.

When we opened Auction Systems years ago, it was long before everyone associated the word “systems” with “software.” At the time, our approach to successful auctions, inventory of property and the process of conducting our auctions were all the inspirations for “systems.“ We still have auction systems that we have mastered, but we’re not a software company – we are an auction company -- and even more so, we are international. No one word describes that better than “American”. And so today, as the new American Auction Company, we are proud of our past and uniquely positioned in the global auction market for our future where the world is invited.