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Auction Bidding – Simulcast Bidding

Events that offer live online bidding on auction day require patience and time. Your live bidding will follow along with the actual auction.

  • You can still place proxy bids on upcoming lots until a lot is being sold live.
  • You will need to be alert -- lots are typically sold every 30 seconds -- so you must enter your online bids quickly. If you aren’t fast enough, the item may be sold to a different buyer before you have time to enter your next bid.

You may listen to the auction, broadcast in real time via the American Auction Company Radio Network (AARN) or you can watch the live video feed. Please keep in mind that if your computer has a slow or overtaxed sound or video card there can be a slight audio or video delay, so make sure you are advancing your bid based upon what you see on your screen and not what you hear.

When the live auction has ended, you will receive an email or SMS text updating you on the status of your bids. The email will either state that you had no successful bids, or include a copy of your paid Invoice for your purchased product.

After the Auction

Upon conclusion of the auction:

1. Wait to receive an email that will tell you whether you have won auction items and that will provide you with a copy of your paid receipt. (or you can pay your invoice anytime online before the auction ends)

2. Arrange to receive your items.

Your items may be shipped directly to you. Simply select this option when you receive your invoice. If shipping costs are less than $15, you will be automatically billed and your product will be shipped to you. If shipping costs for your invoice are more than $15 you will receive the cost to ship via email and will have an opportunity to arrange for a different shipping or transportation method of your choice.

You may pick up your items directly at the auction venue. Dates and times for pick-up can vary; please check the auction terms and your invoice for specific details.

Still have questions about bidding at an auction? Email us or call toll-free at 1-(800) 801-8880 today to speak with one of our auction professionals.

For more useful auction terminology, visit our Auction Glossary.