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Auction Marketing - How We Market Your Auction

We market your property, not our company. When selling with American Auction Company, we create a market for your auction assets, employing local and international multilingual advertising and marketing to generate the most profitable auction results for you. We have more auction buyers than any other multi-property auction firm in the world.

Auction Marketing and Advertising Services:

  • Detailed listings, photos and product videos on our multilingual website (americanauctionco.com)
  • Internet and digital advertising
  • Email to our database of qualified buyers and potential buyers
  • Full-color auction brochures and landing pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Industry-specific magazine advertising – print and online
  • Local advertising in newspapers, radio and television
  • Social Media outreach
  • PR (Public Relations)

Our Marketing Team is Your Marketing Team

Our mission in marketing and selling your property is to consistently demonstrate high sales performance. Our marketing team, including copywriters, graphic designers, advertising buyers, digital and social media specialists and PR professionals applies the latest precision auction marketing techniques to market your property locally-to-globally. Only by attracting the most qualified and interested buyers will spirited and competitive bidding occur. To this end, we place major emphasis on reaching the right audience effectively.

Each marketing and advertising campaign is custom tailored to create the best opportunity for your property to bring the highest return. Campaigns may include digital advertising, direct mail, trade journals, magazine and newspaper advertisements, Internet message boards, email broadcasts, press releases, public relations campaigns, radio and television commercials, telesales and a multitude of social media platforms to assure the best possible buyer turnout.

American Auction Company’s reputation for fair and transparent auctions also helps draw more qualified buyers, as does our expert handling of timing, location, merchandising and other variables that can affect online and live attendance. This is all orchestrated to bring you the highest price possible in the marketplace.