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Auction Service Guide

We auction for all different types of organizations and individuals. The needs of each entity depend on several factors. To provide you with the most comprehensive information about your auction service needs, we’ve developed the following Auction Service Guide. Locate your entity type below and find out how our services can help with your next auction.


American Auction Company auctions for many corporations, manufacturers, distributors, liquidators, small businesses and dealers worldwide both at our location, and on-site at these entities’ locations throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Used as a cash flow tool, auctions can create budgetary benefits through the selling of underutilized inventory and assets. For items that have exceeded their depreciation life, our auctions will allow you to sell and recover funds used in the purchase of capital assets.

Business Auction Services:

Real-time tracking of your auction assets in our Open Market system.

If applicable, preparation of detailed descriptions and taking of multiple photos (including video) of auction assets.

Online and live sales

Onsite auction at your location or at one of our locations

Transportation and moving services to our auction site with online scheduling of pickups.

Title transfer, lien research and UCC bulk sale compliance services.

Inventory and collateral verifications.

Easy payment of your auction proceeds through ACH bank transfer

Marketing and advertising

Type of asset(s) to sell at auction:

Inventory (click here for specific inventory types)

Manufacturing Equipment

Heavy Equipment/Yellow Iron

Vehicle/Rolling Stock

Material Handling Equipment

Office Equipment (computers, servers, peripherals)

Office Furniture

Patents/Trademarks & Trade Names

Intellectual Property

Real Estate

Returned Merchandise


American Auction Company contracts with Federal, State, County, City and Township government agencies as well as political subdivisions and school districts. Whether you are creating a Request For Proposal (RFP), a Request for Quote (RFQ), a Request for Information (RFI) or you are eligible to use one of our many government contracts, we are able to assist you in meeting your auction requirements. To learn about open contract eligibility, contact one of our government specialists today at 1-(800) 801-8880.

Government Auction Services:

Real time tracking of your auction assets, including asset numbers and department assignments in our Open Market System.

Permission-based assignments allowing different levels of your staff to enter auction asset information and post for approval prior to being sent to auction.

Onsite auctions at your location, or the opportunity to be part of a combined assets auction with other government agencies at one of our locations.

Facilitation of all buyer inquiries and inspections.

Transportation and moving services to our auction site with online scheduling of pickups.

Collection of proceeds from auction buyers.

Type of asset(s) to sell at auction:

Law Enforcement Seizures

Confiscated & Forfeited Property (click here for specific property types)

Heavy Equipment/Yellow Iron

Vehicles/rolling stock, including vehicles with interstate emissions issues



Office equipment, including computers, servers, and peripherals

Office Furniture

Real Estate


Real Estate

Contrary to popular belief, real estate auctions offer selling conditions that are often better than traditional real estate sales methods. On the whole, U.S. real estate auctions are on the rise as banks, lawyers, and property owners discover that the buying and selling of real estate at auction is a sound and profitable endeavor. Real estate auctions create excitement – bringing together all of the potential buyers of a property – and encourage direct competition among them. Carefully planned promotions attract the necessary qualified buyers well in advance of the auction date.

We partner with Realtors and property owners alike to sell real estate using the accelerated sales method of auction. Our team of real estate auction professionals are licensed members of the National Association of Realtors and carry the Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate (AARE) designation, indicating an intensive level of additional education and training in real estate auctions.

Real Estate Auction Services include:

Lien and title searches

Design of marketing campaigns and campaign management

Comprehensive Property Information Packet (PIP) and due diligence package creation

Highest and Best Use evaluations

Facilitation of all buyer and broker inquiries, tours and inspections

Staging of auction site, including live auction setup with sound, video and online broadcasting capability

Auction day staff, including a real estate auction professional as auctioneer, crowd control, broker services, buyer/broker registration and tour personnel

Contract services for the buyer

Post auction closing settlements

Types of assets to sell at auction:

Commercial Property

Residential Home

Income Property


For more information about selling Real Estate at auction, and how to sell at a live, simulcast or online auction with American Auction Company, email us or call toll-free at 1-(800) 801-8880 today to speak with one of our auction professionals.

Legal & Financial Services

American Auction Company aids in the fiduciary responsibility of lawyers, accountants, trustees and fiduciaries when conducting auctions and remarketing for bankruptcies or insolvencies, partnership dissolutions, corporate restructuring, lockouts, repossessions, abandoned property, divorce and estate and trust resolutions. Additionally we work with financial institutions, banks, credit card companies and insurance company workout departments, default service teams, fraud recovery and asset remarketing groups. We are bonded and approved to conduct business for the US Trustees office. We also serve the needs of landlords and property managers in auctioning abandoned property.

Legal & Financial Auction Services:

Real time tracking of the auction assets in our Open Market system.

Court approved documents and filings.

Asset preservation services.

Onsite auctions at the client’s location or inclusion in a combined assets auction at one of our locations.

Transportation and moving services to the auction site.

Record removal, recovery and destructions including Certificate of Destruction for sensitive documents.

Inventory/collateral verification and valuation services (including customs import verifications).

Appraisal Services by certified appraisers.

Statements of opinion.

Same-day service for lockout, recovery and repossession.

Loss mitigation services.

Legal notices and evidences.

Delinquent borrower interviews.

Intellectual property valuation and auctions of trade names, trademarks, patents and data.

Landlord negotiations.

Secure storage of assets, including equipment and vehicle-inside and -outside storage, secure storage of assets under roof, including vault storage.

Maintenance and cleaning services of leased or owned property.

Type of asset(s) to sell at auction:

Business Assets (click here for list of all types of auction assets)

Personal/Household Assets (click here for list of all types of auction assets)

Heavy Equipment/Yellow Iron

Vehicles/Rolling Stock



Real Estate


American Auction Company works with individuals who auction personal property, real estate, collections or are settling the estate of loved ones.

Individual/ Personal Auction Services:

Real time tracking of the auction assets in our Open Market system.

Onsite auctions at your home or inclusion in a combined assets auction at one of our locations.

Transportation and moving services.

Record removal, recovery and destruction including Certificate of Destruction for sensitive documents.

Appraisal services by certified appraisers.

Maintenance and cleaning services of leased or owned property.

Private auctions - used for the auction of personal assets from an estate where legacy transfers were omitted and the decedent was intestate (i.e., had no will). This auction method is conducted using a pre-determined spending limit for each auction attendee (typically members of a family) and allows the buyer to bid on the item(s) that they wish to purchase within their spending allowance (often no money is exchanged by the buyers in this process). The private selling at auction process is a helpful tool for the executor who is experiencing challenges in resolving incomplete legacy instructions from a decedent.

Type of asset(s) to sell at auction:

Real Estate

Collections & Antiques

Household Items (click here to see a full list of types of items we auction)