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Market Entry Services

The American Auction Company can help you get your American-made product into the China market using auction marketing. With American Auction Company, you’ll gain valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback on how Chinese consumers feel about your product before you launch. China is prime territory for cross-cultural pitfalls, and many companies have stumbled here; we can help. The China Market Feasibility stage of our program is designed to help you avoid these costly mistakes and understand how you can expect the market to respond to your product in these key areas:

  • Product design
  • Product quality
  • Product pricing
  • Product packaging
  • Product positioning
  • Product taste
  • Product variety
  • Product service
  • Product usage
  • Brand awareness

We deliver all of this using our live auction attendees at our auctions in China.

To learn more about market entry auction services, Email us today or call toll-free at 1-(800) 801-8880 today to speak with an American Auction Company professional.