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Antique Auctions

When it comes to antiques, an antique auction offers the thrill of a treasure hunt combined with the richness of a historical journey. Whether you’ve been searching for a specific, elusive item to complete your collection, or you have a passion for items related to a certain era, antique auctions offer a great opportunity to strike gold. We invite you to attend an American Auction Company antique auction — you may just discover that unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime item that brings new perspective to your world. An antique is usually a work of art, a decorative object, or piece of furniture created in an earlier period. According to many customs laws, items must be at least 100 years old to be classified as an antique. An antiques auction brings these beautiful and timeless items to life, harnessing the thrill of competition to unlock an object’s true value.

Antiques auctions are exciting for both occasional antique collectors and seasoned dealers. A buyer may find him or herself bidding against a diverse group of collectors, dealers and casual auction-goers for the newest items to arrive on the auction scene. Some auctions specialize in particular types of antiques, like those from the Victorian Era or from a specific country such as France or Japan. Others feature an assortment of random items from estates and other collectors. Antique auctions offer buyers the opportunity to find that one perfect item they’ve been searching for, and may include items such as: furniture, vintage clothing, treasured household goods, valuable artwork, collectible items, coins, china, silver and more!

When Is the Next Antique Auction?

American Auction Company holds antiques auctions on a regular basis. To find an upcoming antique auction, please refer to our Current Auctions, email us or call us at (800) 801-8880.

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