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Gun Auctions

Firearms are symbolic of American history and values, dating back to the founding of the United States. But - love them or hate them - the value associated with guns is hard to deny. This has become especially true as more individuals become interested in collecting, while others are motivated to purchase firearms for self-protection and sport. Rare or antique firearms are true collectors’ items, and can bring significant value depending on the individual gun. Some of American Auction Company’s most popular auctions are gun auctions, which also include the sale of ammunition and accessories. Gun auctions can involve many different items, such as rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, ammunition, reloading equipment, metal targets, trap and skeet equipment, accessories and gear bags.

Ammunition and Accessories

Gun auctions involve firearms, but may also include other gun-related items such as ammunition and accessories. Ammunition is a consumable commodity that will have value as long as that type of ammunition is useable. Some older ammo is seen as a collector’s item and can have value even if the gun powder inside is considered expired.

American Auction Company has been selling firearms at gun auctions since 1995. We hold a Class I and Class III Federal Firearms License (FFL). Buyers must complete all necessary paperwork to buy a gun including an FBI NICS background check that is conducted at the gun auction location. Purchasers must be present in-person to pick up their winning purchase; or, it can be shipped to another FFL dealer throughout the country as long as the weapon doesn’t violate the laws of the local jurisdiction where it is being sent.

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If you are interested in buying or selling firearms or gun-related items, email us or call us at (800) 801-8880 today. Also, please refer to our Current Auctions, for updates on online gun auctions.