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Liquidation Auctions

From electronics and household items to big-ticket items and rare antiques, liquidation auctions offer a great opportunity for excellent deals on all types of products.

What Are Liquidation Auctions?

In short, a liquidation auction refers to a company selling its assets. These assets might consist of unsold inventory, office furniture, or really anything else of value. The auction may be a voluntary one, or involuntarily -- conducted as a result of bankruptcy, legal judgment or to satisfy a debt on a loan default. Regardless of the circumstances, the benefit to buyers is the same - the chance to find a wide variety of items at wholesale prices! One of the great things about liquidation auctions is that with respect to types of items available, each auction is different. In general, anything of value that a business owns may be sold at a liquidation auction. This might include unsold inventory, office furniture, supplies and any other company-owned assets. Here are just some of the types of items a buyer might find at a liquidation auction: automobiles, construction equipment, electronics, furniture, office equipment, restaurant equipment, building materials, sporting goods, tools, antiques, excess inventory and more!

American Auction Company holds liquidation auctions on a regular basis. To find an upcoming liquidation auction, please refer to our Current Auctions, email us or call us at (800) 801-8880.

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