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Public Surplus Auctions

Ever wonder what happens to all of the unneeded equipment that is discarded each year by federal, state/local government agencies, and school districts? Most states require the sale of unused and outdated equipment back to the public at government surplus auctions – offering the public incredible opportunities to buy great items at discount prices.

In short, any municipality-owned property that is no longer needed can be auctioned to clear inventory and return money to the budgets of government agencies. Sometimes items must be sold at a government auction because the agency has extra materials after a project is completed, or they’ve simply purchased a higher quantity of an item than they actually needed or are replacing old or outdated equipment.

Public surplus auctions feature items from many government agencies, plus school districts – and can include items like automobiles, boats, aircraft, heavy machinery, office equipment, military equipment, industrial tools, computers and school equipment. Some of the more unusual types of items that might be found at public surplus auctions include changing room lockers, street signs, playground equipment, cleaning equipment, and cafeteria equipment, among many others.

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